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About us

Our history


The history of Stoczek company started in 1965, when a Przedsiębiorstwo Przemysłu Terenowego “Stoczek” was created in Stoczek Łukowski. The choice of localization of the factory was very good, both on account of ecology – influenting the quality of our products, and economy – affecting region development and providing vacancies for residents of Stoczek.

On the 27 of January 1969, the company was transformed into Wytwórnia Konserw i Mrożonek Państwowego Przemysłu Terenowego "Stoczek" in Stoczek Łukowski. The production plant was functioning in May of 1969.

In 1972 in the factory were working as many as 237 people. In 1976, according to minister’s directive, five plants from voivodeships: lubelskie, bielsko-podlaskie, chełmskie, siedleckie and zamojskie were connected in one big national plant “Lubelskie Zakłady Przemysłu Owocowo-Warzywnego” with registered office in Lublin. This is how Wytwórnia Konserw i Mrożonek Państwowego Przemysłu Terenowego "Stoczek" become a part of conglomerate.

In the beginning of 1980, as the result of further centralization, the plant in Stoczek become one of the nine factories and food-processing plant included in the conglomerate “Fructopol” in Lublin.

After 1990 the plant was privatatized and put on sale. In 1993 the company was bought by private entrepreneur and named Zakład Przetwórstwa Owocowo-Warzywnego

On 16th of December 1998 was set up a limited liability company Stoczek Sp. z o.o.. Between 2000-2002 the plant was comprehensively modernized. It was completely rebuilt, new modern machines and devices were bought. Modern production facility was created, meeting the requirements of national and European sanitary and veterinary norms. There were implemented system HACP, which guarantee health security of food during the production and distribution.

In the April of 2007, Stoczek become a part of capital group built around a listed company Makarony Polskie SA. It gave us huge possibilities of development, expansion of distribution channels and extending our activities.